Rock Hard Financial’s mission is to provide the best financing experience possible. Including the best rates and terms based on each investor’s needs.


Rock Hard Financial can help finance investors with the capital they need for any investment scenario. Including lines of credit to help grow their portfolios.


Rock Hard Financial provides a very simple  user friendly online application which is faster and easier for borrowers to use and get approved.


Rock Hard combines lending experience with exceptional customer service to guide clients with questions through the lending process.

It’s time to get your investment plans off the ground, apply now to get started today.


What sets us apart is the unique experience we give to each and every one of our clients.

When you come to Rock Hard financial you not only land a great deal on a loan but you become apart of the Rock Hard family! We take care of our own and are always here to lend a helping hand.

  • We provide programs and terms that fit you best
  • Best rates, Lowest Fees
  • Excellent customer service and individual support

Instead of finding the best deals for us we provide programs and terms that fit you best! Consultation is always available from industry experts who have already been very successful.

Unlike other lending agencies, we help you get things done in as personal a manner as desired. Meet your new partners for private money lending. We provide excellent customer service, strategy, structure, and individual support for you to help you grow as an investor or client.

We have successfully completed over 500 transactions!


We can have your money ready in as little as 10 business days so you can start your investing project soon

Simple Approach

Instead of banks that have strict guidelines, rules, and restrictions we focus on the property and look at your experience, income, and assets to come to a quick approval for your loan.

Minimum Fico Score

We are very flexible in the FICO score that we accept and are willing to work with each client’s situation

Required Documentation

We make it easy only asking for basic documentation to make your application process quick and smooth

Application Fees

Unlike most banks, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees or excessive fees when applying for our loans

Our lending products and tools are designed with you at the forefront- to connect us efficiently, and to help us provide the personalized service you want, when and where you need it.